Important Rules & Regulations

Travel Expenses  –  Whilst the committee appreciates that members can & do adopt different methods of “car sharing”, for those who need advice, the U3A guidelines are 25p/mile per CAR + any parking fees to be equally divided between all of the car occupants

All Members (and non-members who are “being allowed 2 trial walks” before becoming a U3A member) should be aware thatthey walk on a U3A organised walk at their OWN RISK

1  The start time of the walks is given in the programme. Members should arrive at the start point 15 mins before this time

2  Further walk details will be provided nearer the time including distance & time to the start point, grid reference, post code (if possible), an emergency/contact mobile telephone number for the day, etc. see

3  Walk leaders are to have their mobile telephones switched on when they lead walks

4  Members who have missed some walks should check with the website prior to the walk, as walks can be altered or cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

5  In accordance with U3A national rules walkers are allowed two trial walks before becoming a U3A member.

On a Walk:

1  All walkers must have suitable footwear (boots) and waterproof clothing

2  The walk leader has the right to refuse, without question, to take any walker on a walk who they believe is inadequately equipped or unfit to complete the walk.

3  Walkers are asked to cooperate with “headcounts” at all times on a walk

4  Walkers are requested not to walk ahead of the walk leader or behind the back marker

5  Have plenty of drinking water etc with you at all times

6  Walkers are responsible for their own Health & Safety at all times. ALL walkers should carry a basic first aid kit

7  Inform the walk leader in good time if you are having any difficulty (before a problem becomes a crisis)

8  Tell someone if for any reason you need to leave the group, e.g. for a comfort stop

9 No animals are to be brought on walks

10 All walkers are advised to carry a note of their emergency contact and details any medication that they may be taking

Joint Walking Group Coordinators:  Bob Prescott   Tel 756664    Alan Broadbent  Tel 729526

Walking Group Committee     Barbara Balmer  Anne Murray  Alan Broadbent   Bob Prescott

“A” Walk Contact   Bob Prescott               “B” Walk Contact     Anne Murray

website for further details and directions to walk start

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